The recipe for your success

The professional PreGel International Training Centers offer an array of classes throughout the year. In fact, our ITCs are a unique training network. It is possible to attend gelato and pastry courses, not only in the headquarters at Reggio Emilia, but also in the North and South America, Austria, Spain, Poland and all other PreGel subsidiaries worldwide.

At PreGel’s International Training Centers, the curriculums are based on standardized and integrated programs, with common and well-established teaching methods, as evidenced by the professional success of its students around the globe. The lessons combine theory with an intense hands-on training in a state-of-the-art learning facility, and are organized to create a direct relation between instructor and student, favouring a personalized learning.

Thanks to the company’s decades of experience, PreGel International Training Centers has developed a complete range of training, to meet the needs of both expert professionals, and beginners who want to open a gelato shop. The courses for gelato and pastry artisans are designed to give all the tools necessary to learn the production of high-quality gelato together with refined pastry specialties. They are also focused on other aspects of the business, such as marketing initiatives and business plans.

In the end, thanks to its deep internationalisation and its capillary presence all over the world, PreGel International Training Centers is indeed able to offer up-to-date training services, suggesting new concepts and avant-garde solutions, which read and interpret the new trends of different markets. This provides a professional training always updated and tailored to the local market.

Dedicated to teaching The Classic Tastes of Italy to Australia, our International Training Center offers beginner and advanced gelato and various pastry classes.