Artisan Gelato Ingredients

The selection of ingredients and raw materials is one of the most important steps in the gelato making process, because it directly contributes to determining the quality of the end product. The essential ingredients for producing a high-quality artisan gelato are: water, milk, dry milk, cream, sugar, fruit and eggs that are combined with emulsifiers and stabilizers to improve the gelato structure. Therefore, it is not always easy to find and preserve such a wide variety of fresh, high-quality raw materials.


The use of semi-finished products and ingredients for gelato.

These gelato ingredients help the gelato chefs – both beginners and experts – during their daily work:

  1. They ensure producing artisan gelato with constant quality and taste: in fact, with semi-finished gelato ingredients, it is possible to preserve and maintain the quality and the taste of gelato without influencing the artisanship of the end product.
  2. Artisan gelato is based on the balancing between taste, volume and structure; therefore a small error during the balancing phase could prejudice this equilibrium. For this reason, using pre-scaled gelato ingredients – E.G. the bases – helps the chef avoid mistakes or oversights, and thereby offer an artisan gelato with optimal taste and creaminess.
  3. Being a gelato chef is a creative job. Therefore, it is important to invent new flavours and recipes in order to attract new customers and give them something to talk about. However, creating new tastes and combinations is not easy and takes a lot of time. The semi-finished gelato products simplify the chef’s routine work providing more time to create new recipes. In other words, they allow you to work in a different way.
  4. Using semi-finished products for artisan gelato also allows the chef to create a wider range of flavours. Some gelato flavours are crucial in any successful gelato shop: vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, frozen Yogurt, strawberry, lemon and pistachio, to name a few. However, customers like to choose between a wide and dynamic range of flavours. Thanks to semi-finished products, the gelato chef can easily make a wide range of flavours for each season of the year.
  5. And finally, choosing semi-finished products helps to safeguard the food safety procedures during gelato production. Using semi-finished products does, in fact, make it possible to minimise the risks related to food safety.

Different types of gelato ingredients

Now let’s describe the different types of gelato ingredients and their main characteristics:

The Bases

The gelato base, the heart and essential structure of artisan gelato, can be prepared with milk or water, following a hot or cold process. Different from neutral, the base is a product designed to provide a balanced mixture in terms of sugars, fats, non-fat milk solids and other solids, so that the gelato chef simply needs to add the different ingredients and flavours necessary to the base to make gelato
PreGel bases allow for creating an artisanal gelato with ideal characteristics in terms of volume, sweetness, structure and creaminess.

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Neutrals are powdered products that help stabilise, thicken and emulsify gelato bases.

Texture improvers and stabilizers

The texture improvers and stabilizers have been created to meet the needs of chefs wanting to customise the bases with a low dosage. These gelato products help to improve gelato structure by enhancing its creaminess, scoopability and hold in the display case.

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Classic Pastes

The classic pastes for gelato are semi-finished products, which when added to the base, allow you to create a variety of different gelato flavours, and ensure taste and quality over time. Today, there is a wide range of pastes for gelato, for both cream and fruit flavours; the latter, in particular, are fundamental for ensuring the quality of fruit sorbet flavours, even when out of season. Pastes can be combined with other products to create recipes for new and customised flavour combinations.

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Complete Products for Artisanal Gelato

PreGel’s Sprint line is a complete line of cold process products that offers quick and easy preparation of both artisanal and soft gelato. All the solid ingredients are already completely balanced and only the addition of water or milk is required to create a quality gelato in a few minutes. Sprints allow the professional gelato makers to optimise their working time in the laboratory, and therefore are an ideal solution for peak periods, as well as an essential support for the less experienced gelato chef.
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Soft Gelato Products

Becoming increasingly more common in artisan gelaterias, soft gelato is prepared using a complete powdered mix with cold preparation, combined with milk or water to make fresh product that is ready in a little while with a soft serve machine.

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The Variegates

The variegated products are designed to decorate and enrich the taste of gelato cups and pans, and can be used both drizzled on the surface and swirled inside of the gelato. We call them PreGel Arabeschi® for their high-quality and ability to enhance flavours and create amazing recipes.
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