What’s Next: What Will 2019 Taste Like?

With the new year comes the opportunity for further success, but that requires knowledge, and in this case we want to know: what are consumers looking for? How is the foodservice industry changing? What are the next round of trends going to be?

In essence, what will 2019 will taste like?

Well, the food trends of 2019 have undoubtedly been a hot topic for the last several weeks, and here are some of the topics that have been heavily trending.

Bring the flavour!

American supermarket chain, Whole Foods Market, made some delicious flavour predictions to add some “yum” to 2019. The chain’s trend-spotters suggest that vibrant flavours such as guava, dragon fruit, and passionfruit will enhance colourful smoothie bowls and cocktails.


Frozen is cool!

Frozen dessert artisans and consumers will be excited about the next Whole Foods prediction: trailblazing frozen treats. Prediction of new consumer ice cream products made of everything from avocado to hummus to coconut water; airy Taiwanese snow ice and stretchy, chewy, Turkish ice cream.

But not to be ignored, frozen pops and gelato will maintain a stronghold in the industry with some “boozier” infusions coming to market.


Yes, please!

Cakes and tarts will have a strong presence in 2019 due to their competitive levels of showmanship and innovation. Also trending will be entremets and ice cream sandwiches with macaron shells.

According to Big Hospitality, 2019 will also taste like vegan desserts that are much more sophisticated than simply fruit salad such as coconut and chocolate ripple gelato, coconut rice pudding, banana bread, and peanut butter pudding. More innovative 2019 trends, as reported by Big Hospitality is fried milk (firm custard that is battered and fried), Asian flavours – mango, durian, black sesame seed, toasted coconut, passion fruit, lychee, and yuzu, and French patisserie classic, choux pastry.


Produce with purpose!

With fruits and veggies making such a major impact on the food industry for their range of beautiful hues, health benefits, and versatility, foodnewsfee.com foresees produce adding to the taste of 2019. Adding to the culinary fanfare will be fermented foods such as kombucha, and colourful creations with massive appeal — treats for the eyes AND mouth!


Keeping it moving…

2018 was full of unforgettable movements including those in the foodservice industry the will continue into 2019: Sustainability – avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance; preventing food waste; and probiotics and digestive health.


Oat, Really?!

Yes, Oat milk is the new “it” milk making waves in food trend headlines, like that of delish.com. According to animalsaustralia.org, 1 in 6 Australians are steering clear of dairy and are choosing non-dairy options like almond milk and oak milk. Currently, oat milk is the latest craze.



In terms of social media-based food porn, market research giant, Technomic, suggests photographic food porn has been mostly replaced by video. Because of this, some restaurants are serving dishes that make sounds, move, or change color, in effort to impress on social media. Something to think about!


That’s the short list of what 2019 will taste like for your customer. But what will 2019 bring for you? Forecasts show that fitness, mindfulness, and wellness, are all great focuses for your enhanced well-being. And why not? You’ll want (and need) to be around to see all your efforts flourish whether it’s of mind, body, and soul, or business!

Cheers to upcoming food trends and all the delicious tastes that 2019 has in store (pun intended)!