PreGel’s enticing line of gluten-free pastry products includes Macaron Mix, Eclair Base, and Pronto Flamenco.  Each of these high-volume pastry ingredient novelties yields flavourful, scratch-made results, where the only thing missing is the gluten! Perfect for menu diversity, and catering events, explore these resourceful products below.


Macaron Mix

An innovative powdered mix that creates fun, light and airy French macaron shells with only the addition of water.

Application: Mix for the creation of macaron shells


Pronto Flamenco An extremely versatile powdered product for creating sponge cake, roulade, and other baked goods with the simple addition of water and eggs. Once the product is made, it maintains its flavor and texture for several days. Perfect for enriching with fresh fruit, chocolate, or dried fruit.

Application: A base for the creation of sponge cake, roulade, and other baked goods.

Fiordica Gel EvolutionPreGel’s latest development of a traditional product that creates a wide array of light desserts: Mousse, Bavarian cream, Pannacotta, aspics, and many other delicacies.

Fiordica Gel Evolution is a complete powder product with exceptional jelling, thickening, and stabilising properties. It is ideal for all cold dessert that are consumed at positive temperatures, tht can also be stored at negative temperatures.

Available in a variety of flavours, all Gluten Free.

Application: A base for the creation of sponge cake, roulade, and other baked goods.

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Frollis Gluten Free is a time-saving mix that easily prepares shortcrust dough with exceptional texture, in just a few easy steps. Perfect for countless baked specialities that do not contain any gluten.

Shortcrust is the base of many pastry specialities: fragrant tarts and pies, delightful pastries, crunchy biscuits…
PreGel’s Frollis provides the ability to achieve all the shortcrust pastry you desire with an ideal, consistent outcome in a short amount of time!



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