2017 is a true crossroads for PreGel, not only since it marks the company’s 50th anniversary, but also because it lays the foundation for new goals and successes that PreGel aims to reach together with its commercial partners and clients.
SIGEP 2017 will therefore be the perfect time to present all of PreGel’s novelties for the upcoming season, as well as innovative ideas and trends that are bound to enter all the top labs and shops around the world.
Artisan gelato obviously deserves the first mention. PreGel will indeed launch new flavors and original recipes to make your menus even more tempting!
In addition, high focus will be bestowed on artisan pastry with a brand new innovative line aimed at reinterpreting the basis of pastry, thanks to top-quality products that are simple and easy-to-use.
Moreover, the coffee shop corner will show you how to create exclusive flavor combinations and cutting edge solutions for your business.
PinoPinguino, PreGel’s leading brand, will be a real star with a whole dedicated area in the show and two luscious novelties. Last but not least, ample attention will be paid to PreGel’s Yoggi®, the line of products dedicated to yogurt-flavored gelato, and to the International Training Centers, the global network that boasts over 20 locations in the world and offers an all-encompassing, complete training, tailor-made to meet the specific needs of different markets.
2017 will indeed be a year full of novelties, all launched at SIGEP in Rimini.

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