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PreGel travels the country throughout the year in an effort to get you the information you need about quality artisanal dessert ingredient solutions. At these events, not only do you have the opportunity to taste the final product our ingredients create, but you can enjoy the entire experience. See, smell, and learn about the tools that will enhance your business directly from our skilled staff of dedicated sales agents and trained chefs of our International Training Centers.  Join us for industry events, trainings, demos, workshops.

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9-12 September


This September, PreGel Australia will be at Fine Food Expo in Sydney!

Come along to discover our wide range of products, learn about our new 2019 novelties, view our live demonstrations of gelato and pastry, and taste our delicious samples!

9-12 September

ICC Sydney Darling Harbour

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This September, PreGel Australia exhibited at the Fine Food Expo at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre. We were one of many exhibitors who showcased the latest innovations and concepts in the Foodservice industry. It was a lively and eventful four days, with visitors from numerous backgrounds and industries willing to learn more about our products and taste our samples!

At our stand this year, we presented our gelato, soft serve and pastry products, showcasing our latest 2018 novelties and showing the versatility and adaptability of PreGel’s ingredients.


PreGel Fine Food 2018
PreGel Fine Food 2018
PreGel Fine Food 2018
PreGel Fine Food 2018
PreGel Fine Food 2018
PreGel Fine Food 2018
PreGel Fine Food 2018
PreGel Fine Food 2018
PreGel Fine Food 2018
PreGel Fine Food 2018
PreGel Fine Food 2018
PreGel Fine Food 2018



We presented an extraordinary 24 gelato flavours, from classic traditional flavours to new modern flavour combinations. Our gelato cabinet had something for everyone!

Soft Serve

At our soft serve stations, we presented 6 unique soft serve varieties, displaying a variety of PreGel products that can be used to create delicious soft serve. Customers could complement their soft serve with an option of 12 Arabeschis to be added on top to create a new flavour or texture combination.


Our pastry cabinet was full of vibrant colours and an abundance of assorted pastries and desserts. Customers were impressed with the versatility of PreGel’s 5 Star Pastry line, as they can be used in many ways to create high quality desserts.

Live Demos

This year we were privileged to have gelato chef Michael Downing and pastry chef Alicia Stevens join the PreGel Australia team at our Fine Food stand this year. They created tantalising desserts daily and presented live demonstrations to show customers unique ways to use our products.

2018 Novelties

Our latest novelties were on display at our stand across our gelato, soft serve and pastry creations.

FROZEN YOGGI® – A complete, gluten free product created specifically for the production of soft gelato, with the original, fresh and delicate taste of PreGel yogurt.

BLACK DIAMOND SPRINT – Complete, ready-to-use powdered product, characterized by an intense and captivating black colour. Black Diamond Sprint is designed to be consumed as it is (boasting a delicate milk and vanilla flavour) or to be flavoured with Traditional Pastes and Fortefrutto®.

LEMON SPRINT – An instant, powdered product perfect for obtaining a fresh and thirst-quenching sorbet, delicious all year-long.

SPRITZ N FORTEFRUTTO® – The most famous Italian aperitif turned into a fresh gelato. This concentrated paste boasts the unmistakable taste of this drink: slightly bitter and with pronounced orange hints.

CARAMEL FLEUR DE SEL ARABESCHI®– This anhydrous-based Arabeschi® offers a creamy texture. Its scrumptious butterscotch flavour is embellished with a delicious cascade of fleur de sel crystals

HONEY AND ALMOND ARABESCHI® – Smooth and Anhydrous-based Arabeschi® boasting an enveloping honey and almond flavour, enriched with crunchy hazelnut-nougat grains.

RED VELVET ARABESCHI® – Inspired by the original red-dough cake from the US this hydrate-based Arabeschi® boasts a sweet and pleasant vanilla taste and is enriched with soft sponge cake pieces.

PINOPINGUINO® CARAMEL – The unmistakeable flavour of caramel toffee in a PinoPinguino version! Rich and creamy, this new PinoPinguino flavour is perfect for creating both scrumptious artisan gelato and soft serve, as well as irresistible decorations for gelato pans and cups.

PINOPINGUINO® ORANGE – A soft caress of pure flavour boasting a bright, vibrant colour and a fresh orange flavour. Its rich and creamy smooth texture, which remains soft and fudgey even at negative temperatures, is perfect for creating pleasant colour and flavour contrasts. Excellent for gelato specialties, try it also for preparing delicious soft serve, yummy beverages, and surprising pastry creations!


Thank you to everyone who visited our stand, we hope our products have inspired you! If you require any information about our products or our stand, please email us at!

See you next time!

The Fine Food Show in September 2017 was presented in Sydney in the recently built Sydney Convention and Exhibition Center (ICC) in the heart of Sydney at Darling Harbour and was presented on 2 levels.

Fine Food Show Australia is a major trade exhibition for the food industry in Australia/New Zealand.

This year, PreGel was showcasing the Novelties 2017, innovative dessert concepts and live product demonstrations from international and local dessert experts. Our booth featured dedicated areas to our  segments Gelato, Pastry, Soft Serve and Beverages. For further information on the showcased product novelties, exclusively presented at Fine Food please have a look here.

The Lamington Concept amazed our visitors. One of the most traditional  Australian cake recipes was reinvented as a modern pastry and translated into a gelato slice fancy food, a soft serve delicacy as well as a trendy milkshake.

The Gelato live demos also introducing the PreGel Panini Press was a great success and offered a new spin on standard sandwiches with a fast and simple production. Whether sweet or savoury snacks to go, everything is possible with this effective press in seconds.

Live Pastry demos were run in turns and attracted the crowds with the introduction of the new smART Glaze Range in combination with monoportions and semifreddi, the on trend spider web decoration as well as the premium verrines and their degustations.

We like to thank you all for taking the time to meet us at our booth!


PinoPinguino® Palm Oil Free – The original PinoPinguino®, with its classic chocolate-hazelnut flavour, is now available in a Palm Oil Free version!

PinoPinguino® Lemon Palm Oil Free – PreGel’s PinoPinguino® family welcomed a new product with the typical flavour of lemon. This product is Gluten Free and Palm Oil Free.

Biscotto Arabeschi®Gluten Free – The popular biscuit-flavoured sauce, a bestselling PreGel product, is now also available without Gluten!

Arabeschi® Otto Caramel Biscotto with pieces – To elevate a product that’s already great was the challenge – we made it! The creamy texture and the tempting little pieces of biscuits enrich the smooth sauce, making it unique and perfect for every flavour!


My Sweet Mix – A unique mix for making any kind of sweet leavened products.

My Savory MixA unique mix for preparation of delicious leavened pastries starting from croissants over to all kinds of baked treats.

Instant Yeast To complete the offering of products for leavened goods, PreGel also offers a powder instant baker’s yeast, to be used in many recipes made with My Sweet Mix and My Savory Mix.

smart Glazes

Bright coloured glazes with a refined flavour, enrich and enhance the dessert’s flavour without overpowering it. The easy, fast and safe production and the amazing hold on the pasty are convincing.


Lucilla™ is a creamy spread made with top quality ingredients, and it was created to better meet the needs of all professionals in the confectionery sector and is available Palm Oil Free.

Fruit Fillings

Five Star Chef presented a selection of bake- and freeze proof fruit fillings that ensure flawless results. The full-bodied taste is characterised by the delicate and natural flavour of fresh fruit contained in high percentage.

We would like to thank everyone!

18-22 January

Just a little over a month separates us from the most important event in our industry, the 41st edition of the International Trade Show of Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Bakery, and the Coffee World, simply known as Sigep. The main professionals of the dessert foodservice sector use this as business opportunities, as they get to discover trends and novelties for the new year. An event you will not want to miss, where you will find 129.000 m2 worth of international offers.


Sigep 2020 will be the perfect place to tell you our vision for the gelato and pastry world, thanks to plenty of trends, new flavours, and novelties that we will present. You are all invited to visit us at Hall C5 and come sample all desserts made with our products, which will be specially prepared by the 55 PreGel chefs at our booth.


Hold tight, we are not done yet! We are just starting with the surprises! This year, to support the artisanal gelato culture and tradition in the world, we have decided to be the Platinum Sponsors of the Gelato World Cup. We firmly believe in this initiative, as well as in the synergy between our company and the twelve international teams that are going to take part in the competition. For this reason, all participating teams will use our products during the competition, and that one team that stands out the most for their creativity and skills will be given a special award by us. You will not want to miss this competition, which will take place at the Gelato World Tour Arena, at Sigep.


Finally, to top off this prestigious 2020 edition, we will be hosting at our booth, on the 20th of January, the World Committee of Honour (a body established after the 6th edition of the Gelato World Cup). This body is consisted of highest-level professionals, with international recognition, which will be performing amazing live demos to all of you.


Come check out all of the dessert trends, new flavours, and novelties that we will have prepared for you, as well as all the excitement from an international gelato competition. Visit us at Hall C5, from January 18th-22nd, in Rimini. The PreGel family awaits you!